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As a Belgian blogger, i write and share in french, my creations, my work, recipes, good tips and reviews , wishing to inspire as much as I am inspired and passioned about life and happy moments.

This time, I wanted to write an english version of this specific post, as i share in it my love and personnal experience of uk.


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The United Kingdom !

Following on from the post about our marriage (read HERE {in french}), I said myself that our honeymoon was wonderful too, and that the time had come to share the experience !

I admit to having a "crush" on this island ….. its Victorian buildings, its local cuisine (yes, really !!!), its special places and its people ... and I hope this post will also create a desire in you to cross the Channel (if not already done)!

Here are my tips and my real favorites to help you spend a dream holiday in " Cornwall " and elsewhere in the UK..

But, Why ?

With my husband being half-English and so British in his heart, we had family reasons to cross the Channel at least once a year. For my part, I had fallen in love with the island even before meeting him….. certainly with the Celtic “magic” that prevails, the Beatles, pies and garden parties !

So we made many trips, discovering towns and villages, always with their very welcoming, polite and considerate people.

I was quickly charmed by the beautiful and diverse scenery, the landscape, the architecture and the history it conveys, the atmosphere of pubs and the whole experience and smell of a real “full English breakfast” that tempts you when you wake.

We made it a point of order always to eat well {very well} on this island where the reputation for bad food has been around for far too long! Yes, there are ways to eat poorly across the channel…just as in Belgium, just as in France or elsewhere. Always better to know something about a subject before talking about it and it is a real travesty to reduce British gastronomy to tired old stereotypes. Because YES, it does exists and it is worth the effort to be tasted and cooked! Traditional and based on good regional products, it is a cuisine that is warming and full of flavour. But it is also today an innovative, refined cuisine, often based on local and organic agriculture.

In conclusion, we are both very attached to this beautiful country, which in my eyes,

offers so much to those who can appreciate its innate charm.

Cornwall, our honeymoon destination !

But why would we want to go there rather than to Cuba (that was the plan B) or to a more tropical destination ? First, for all the reasons mentioned above.

Then, because we have travelled a lot together and separately: Mauritius, Dubai, Jordan, Prague, Venice, Barcelona, ​​Chicago, Los Angeles, the Faroe Islands, Tanzania, Germany, Abu Dhabi, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia etc, ... So we had already experienced a lot of breaks with cultures and very different climates. This time, we wanted to feel " at home"and have a real change of scenery at the same time. We wanted accommodation which would be top class & super cosy, where we could take advantage of everything and nothing at the same time. So you will say to me ... Yes but the climate ?

We knew we would be perfectly fine, whatever the mood of the sky ! For a romantic getaway, risking being confined in an interior as comfortable as it is beautiful, is not a concern on the contrary! The plus ? We had the great honour to be in the sun during the whole stay, with high temperatures as a bonus. Perfection indeed!

Since then, we dream of owning a small Beach hut in the region ... one day maybe... Meanwhile we plan to return as a family with the idea to enjoy things in another way and prepare for you a great post filled with super plans for a " kids-friendly" stay in Cornwall.

The ideal stay? ...Follow the guide !

On the road ...

We always use the Shuttle for crossing the channel. Apart from roundabouts (where a co-driver might be helpful), driving is actually simple and even quite pleasant on the small roads! To make for particularly pleasant stays, plan to spend the night in a friendly B&B or boutique hotel combining this with the discovery of a small town or village. Deal, Canterbury, Whitstable, Winchester, Wye, Stratford upon Avon, Shipston on Stour, Brighton, Oxford, Windsor are among the places that we tested and approved !

Unique Home Stays

The agency that offers top notch properties !

This agency is "The" hidden gem! The properties offered by Unique Home Stays are unique, elegant, tastefully decorated and simply beautiful ! The site itself is clear, efficient and comprehensive. Booking is simple and secure, and follow-up by / contact with agents is impeccable. Of course, comfort comes at a price... but for those who can be well organized, nothing is impossible ! (and it worth every € ! )

To reserve a piece of paradise, click here:

www.Unique Home Stays .com

Here is one that was "our" area for a few dream days:

" The Limit "

© Paul-François Gay

Nestled in Holywell Bay, amidst a hectare of private land, near the dunes, 5 minutes from the sea, The Limit, is this:

© Paul-François Gay

A pair of "Beach huts" dating from 1930, renovated with passion and great talent by a very charming couple, Rebecca & Steve Peck. We knew the stay would be perfect, but it was more than that! Beyond the beauty of the place, it was the little touches and the tranquility that contributed to these unforgettable days. We were greeted in the sun with the right level of considerate attention to us. When we arrived, the little table in the beach hut "living space" was laid with fresh scones ready to eat with tea! Super products for breakfast in the fridge, champagne ,and a basket filled with goodies and surprises just as we like to receive. In short, we just had to enjoy!

© Paul-François Gay

© Paul-François Gay

© Copyright 2016 Unique Home Stays Ltd

Both areas are perfectly equipped for 2 people and connected by a wooden deck where you find a deckchair, outdoor dining area and fire pit. Holywell beach is a stroll away and really nice & quiet.

In the programme: Evening around the fire pit, small “house” meals in the lovely kitchen, lazing in the sun, strolls inland, walks by the sea, discovery of organic farms in the area and small really charming ports like Padstow.

© Paul-François Gay

If you have a chance to get there, this little port has everything I love! Small shops, walks on the quay and good restaurants using locally caught fish...

We had the opportunity to go shopping at "Stein's Fisheries & seafood bar" on the quay, owned by the celebrated chef Rick Stein (who has opened a restaurant of the same name in the town where it seems, it is worth eating!). We found there the high quality products that we enjoyed that evening on our private terrace.

Discover it in pictures, it’s here !

Direct link => The Limit

Here is my Top 5 of "Unique Home Stays" properties for lovers :


Tregonhawke, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Oyster catcher

Mousehole, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Edge

Whitsand Bay, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Beach hut

Widemouth Bay, Cornwall, United Kingdom


Freathy, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Next step "Had" to be Watergate Bay !

I received my first DVD of "he Naked Chef" at the age of 15. I had been “cooking" for some time already, but being inspired by and learning from it, my passion for cooking swelled with motivation and a new inspiration! I consumed his videos and recipes books continuously and it was during an episode filmed in Cornwall that I discovered the bay; waves, surfers, sunsets, and fell in love with a VW combi van.

You should know that the coast of the "south-west" is very popular and that you find a family-oriented population during holiday periods. The English coast in general is very pleasant and charming, and even has its own magazine "Coast" with the following website: http://www.coastmagazine.co.uk/.

Watergate Bay is a beach that breathes holidays, with its surfers, its academy, a hotel of the same name, the "Beach Hut" where you can devour delicious burgers and the “Fifteen” restaurant.

- > The Watergate Bay Hotel :

The hotel overlooks the bay, offering beautiful sea views for some of the rooms. The superb pool has a panoramic sea view ... which I must say was one of our key criterion for the selection! The "Living Space" offers delicious food, fresh and modern such as platters for sharing, salads and pub food “gourmet style”. Unfortunately we have not had the opportunity to try the hotel restaurant, "Zacry's. But nevertheless, I heard that the chef Neil Haydock has created a tasty cuisine, following the seasons and using local produce, in a rather " brasserie" style. We intend to try it next time!

© Paul-François Gay

Credit /// © Simon Burt

Credit /// © Simon Burt

Credit /// © Luke hayes

Credit /// © Luke hayes

Credit /// © Luke hayes

Credit /// © Luke hayes

Credit /// © Kristin Prisk Photography

Credit /// © Kristin Prisk Photography

Credit /// © Kristin Prisk Photography

The hotel is much in demand for families during the holidays, and for good reason;everything is perfect and made for a stay there with children, I suggest you check THEIR calendar for school holidays (not ours) if you are looking for a romantic getaway! From our side we look forward to returning to try a stay for the 3 of us!

- > The Fifteen Cornwall :

This was THE gift from my newly-wedded husband for this stay... an evening at Jamie’s Restaurant Fifteen ... with a perfect sea view and a real sunset! Well ... what to say ? Being completely objective (yes I am), we loved it and spent a delightful evening! From appetizers to dessert, the food was punctuated with beautiful variants of textures and flavours, for an excellent result. The setting is really nice and the staff very friendly. The pace of service was constant and the selection of wines very agreeable! We returned to try breakfast and it is a wonderful way to start the day before strolling on the cliffs.

Some tips for the road :

A stay in a Campervan Vw :

I have a real passion for the VW Camper Van. Especially the "T1 & Samba"models !

We have not yet had the opportunity to try this, but I think it's a must do: holidays in

camper vans ... just paradise on 4 wheels (and without abs ;-) ) to be tried as a family

for sure!

Here you'll find 7 Coastal Campervan breaks picked out by "Coast Magazine" with some of the best hire companies and seaside starting spots for your holidays on the road.

Cheers !

{ special thanks to Harriet from Unique homestays & Heidi from Watergate Bay Hotel }

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